Plant Dyeing

As many of you know, I've been experimenting and really getting a hang of plant dyeing wool. My husband has said it's like a witch's brew with all the large pots I have going on in the kitchen. (He really doesn't like when I'm cooking the red cabbage to extract the dye!) I've been reading lots of books and, of course, blog posts on what to do. I've had some great surprises, but also some failures! This spring I tried some daffodils. The colors produced were awesome! The dye liquid itself smelled sweet like one of the bloggers I read mentioned. I have some saved in the freezer for a future winter dye.  (P.S. This was written over a month ago, but somehow it didn't get published. oops!) 



The color was like lemon and smelled like honey.

Daffodil dyed wool

Final Product

A small stash of my daffodil dyed wool.