Hi! My name is Katie and I'm the owner of The Bee & The Bear. My shop is located in a great old general store in Hereford, PA built in 1860. My husband is a historian and I can't wait to see what he digs up. 

I love creating things and always have some sort of project I am working on at home. (To be perfectly honest, there's always way more than just one thing I am working on at one time.) I can't go into a craft store, fabric place, etc. without finding something to work on or creating a new project idea. My love for making my own things started when I was a little girl. My grandmother was always working on quilts and sewing things. Whenever I went to visit or sleep over, we worked on something together such as a doll quilt. My mom loves to sew as well and she was always working on projects when I was growing up. I didn't always love the matching dresses she made for me and my sister, but I can say that my Minnie Mouse costume at halloween was super awesome. She taught me to sew when I was in middle school. I picked out a dress pattern and fabric and worked on it during snow days. 

When I first came across Homespun, the store I now occupy, I was interested in creating the rug hooking and punch needle projects Kay had to offer. I have enjoyed working on such projects and having such a store nearby to buy the supplies. I wanted to continue a retail store with such unique atmosphere where you can find materials to make goods for your home and friends. I hope to bring what was and more! 

Our Name

The Bee & The Bear is named after our two dogs, Zell & Bruenni. Zell (right), passed away suddenly in the summer of 2016 from cancer at just 5 years old. She was very regal and so we often called her the "queen bee". Her loss is certainly a large hole in our lives and we are pleased to have something in her namesake. Bruenni (left), while also regal in her own way, has always been loving and cuddly and her nickname has been the "little bear".